FabIndia Tea Tree face wash: Review

Hello Beauties, 
I went to Fab India store to buy a kurta for my cousin and I just happen to see the face wash range. I just couldn't resist myself from buying face wash with tea tree extract.Tea tree extracts have worked wonders for any skin type. It is the best to cure acne and reduce blemishes and when you have a face wash with goodness of tea tree extracts then what else do you want.

Price and Quantity:

Rs 165 for 120ml

My Take on FabIndia Tea Tree face wash:

The face wash come in pastel green color sqeeze- me tube with a traditional look. It has a flip open cap which is tight, opens and closes with a sound. The tube is very sturdy and easy to carry anywhere you want.

The face wash is gel based and is green in color. It has a very strong smell which is disturbing at times. The liquid lathers well with water and removes dirt, grime and oil from face leaving the skin fresh and beautiful. All you need is rain drop size of face wash and the magic is done. It gives a slippery feeling after splashing water and removing it, which vanishes as you dry it. 

It works on my skin beautifully in making the skin clear and pimple free. It keeps the face free from oil for about 2-3 hours. You feel refreshed after a wash. I would not recommend its usage more than twice a day, as it may over dry your skin. This is wonderful product for oily skin beauties as it contains salicylic acid which is effective in controlling pimples.

What I like about this product? :
*Very effective
*Nice packaging.
*Feel fresh.
*Removes dirt, grime and oil without drying the skin
*Skin is soft and smooth.
*fits into poket

What I don't like about this product? :
*Smell is strong, some might not like it.

Rating: 4/5
Final Word:

If your skin complains of acne, then this product is made for you. You can definitely give it a try as this is value for money.


  1. Nice review Manasi, I have it too and I agree it could be a bit drying but it is pretty good for oily skin!

    1. Thanks Esha :)
      I too have oily skin and i love it :)

  2. Nicely reviewed Manasi!
    Haven't tried it yet but this sounds amazing for oily skinned like me!!!

  3. I found it gentle on my oily skin. Liked it for use in summers.

  4. After my Lotus Tea Tree Cleanser got used up, I was looking for another Tea Tree Cleanser...This is it then...Thanks hun :) <3