8 Most Risky AFFAIRS... You should avoid!

A romantic friendship or a passionate attachment is known as an affair. Many of us might have had, at least a single fling in their life. And many of us might have seen and experienced them in their surroundings. I have a list of affairs you should avoid getting into.

1.Affair with Boss:

If your boss is married then there are very less chances for long term relationship, even then you decide to go ahead with the affair then be mindful about who should and should not know about the affair. This may even risk your job or future opportunities in same firm or any other.

2.Affair with college professor:

Hey naughty…. Affair with professor-hmm that can be good for your grades but if not handled properly, it can be bad for your reputation, image and career as well….Too risky.

3.Affair with neighbour:

Na na na its more of trouble then fun. Although you can enjoy secret meetings on terrace in moonlight, but as the sun rises so does the troubles-like restrictions from family members, cat eyes of other neighbour aunties etc etc. And if its your bad luck and you are caught, then it may become difficult to live in the colony.

4.Affair with best friend’s boyfriend:

I know you chicks are evil but don’t be that bitchy to steal your best friends boyfriend. In this case you will lose not only lose your best friend but also will lose faith of other friends, as they will never trust you. And baby if you break up with that guy you will never have any friends shoulder to cry on.

5.Affair with student:

Ahh..This is cute…someone innocent admiring you so passionately and makes you feel like a celebrity. But dear remember you may end up breaking an innocent heart. We all know teenagers run short of brain and high on emotions, so playing with little heart is not good.
This is something which you should avoid doing as this may even put you behind bars. You might not only end up spoiling your career but you will spoil your student’s life as well. 

6.Affair with Ex boyfriend:

An affair which has ended and you have decided to move on, never turn and look back. This is the most painful of all affairs. If it works then bingo! But if it doesn’t work then you would end up wasting not only yours and your ex’s time but your current will become a fool in your emotional drama. Your current might not ever get into any relationship even if it’s a true one. Fixing broken pieces of heart and making things work is good but fixing your pieces by the one who broke on cost of breaking someone’s heart is too bad.

7.Affair with boyfriend’s friend:

WOoo… seems like the devil in you is alive and active. You must be feeling why on earth did I said yes to my current…gosh…I would have had patience to wait a bit more, then I might have had his friend. But dear remember there is nothing worse than getting stuck between two male friends because the day they will have drinks together it the day you will be saying R.I.P to your relationship and trust me it will end in worst way possible.

8.Affair online:

This is the most dangerous of all. Here you don’t know the person other side till you meet. You have 50-50 chances of getting cheated and made fun off. You might even get into the worst company and spoil your life. This lowers the threshold, so is lesser guilt involved and so you tend to get more comfortable. Therefore people think it is less harmful as there are lesser chances of being caught say in public etc. but the other side of the coin says people are more vulnerable to take advantage. Such affairs are more painful than traditional affairs. 

I know this is the age to be naughty….Its NOW or NEVER… So, go ahead and do all experiments you want to but be careful and choose wisely.

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  1. Lol...nice !!!! Loved reading about all the points!
    Online dating is the most dangerous of all! well i guess all are dangerous in some way or the other! hehe

  2. Manasi.. he he..agree these are risky grounds!!! Interesting read!

  3. I am glad you like it :)
    Thank you

  4. I have safely avoided all of the above till now. Lets hope i keep the good streak on ;)

  5. hehe, nice post.. I have managed to avoid all till date ;)

  6. Lol :) nice post dear :) liked it a lot <3

  7. Ha! This made me laugh--- not because it is funny, but more as a relief that I don't worry about romantic entanglements since I got married. There is so much craziness out there!!

  8. I have been following for site for a while now. Great work. Though this article is not some rocket science but that this indeed a real test to excel in something anyone can do :)