Jolen Face wash Gel with Rose Water Extract review

Hello girls,
Women these days have tried their hands in almost every field may be its fashion, politics or anything. So ladies when you step out of your house your beautiful skin gets exposed to dirt, oil and pollution. This may lead to rough, dry and itchy skin. To fight this problem you need to deeply clean and pamper your skin with rose water. Jolen takes care of your skin and understands you cannot carry rose water with you all time. Hence it has come up with a face wash with rose water extracts.

Price and Quantity:

Rs 125 for 150gms

Shelf life: 

3 years(from packaging)

My Take on Jolen face wash gel with rose water extract:

Talking about the packaging of the product it comes in a transparent squeeze tube, you can see through it pink liquid with dark pink and white color beads. Cap of the tube is closes with a loud sound and keeps the liquid in the tube intact. The tube is travel friendly and can find place easily in your hand bag. The tube has an opening which allows only amount of facewash you wish to squeeze out. The opening is a bit large so you need to be careful while squeezing out the product.

Color of the facewash is cute baby pink and smells beautiful rose scent justifying its name rose water extract.  It has beads which are soft in nature. When you apply this facewash over your face these beads blend in with face wash and water as you start rubbing softly on face resulting into a soapy formula, which removes dirt and oil from face.   

After washing face it gives a wonderful fresh feeling to face. The face wash is mild formula which is soap free and removes dirt and grime but does not work well for removing makeup. It does not dry out skin in fact leave you skin smooth and soft. Its suits all skin types and skin looks gleaming. For sensitive skin it works soft and makes it glow.

What I like about this product? :
*Packaging is travel friendly
*Beautiful fragrance of rose
*Removes excess oil and grime from face
*Lathers good with small amount of face wash          
*Suits all type of skin
*Affordable and easily available

What I don't like about this product? :

*does not remove make up
*Beads disintegrate as you apply it on skin
*Does not work to remove blackheads or whiteheads

Rating: 3.75/5
Final Word: 
I would recommend this product as it has given me satisfactory results. Also is wonderful everyday cleanser because it is mild in nature and suits all skin types.


  1. For some reasons Jolen don't work for me!! THis one sounds good, nice review <3

  2. Nice review Manasi <3 i will give this one a try <3 :)

    1. Thanks Jo.... :)
      Sure..give it try...and share your experience :)

  3. never knew jolen has skin care stuff also...thanks for sharing! following u now!

    1. Jolen has a wide range of face washes....I have reviewed one grape fruit extract on the blog.....

      Thanks Rachna.... I will keep you posted with all new launches of jolen....