Diwali is the festival of lights. For you I have last minute quick guide to good gifting this diwali, from candles to sculpture, from sweets to pooja, gift the best to near and dear ones. Happy Diwali!!


As we know Diwali is round the corner and we are too excited to celebrate this festival of lights. So the festive season is on full swing and the pressure to look good goes high. I have for you girls style mantra to dress up this diwali that will make you glow in every party you attend this week. Happy Diwali!!

Diwali Dhamaka at The Nature’s Co.

Diwali the festival of lights is back again to fill our lives with health,happiness and prosperity.

The Nature’s Co. invites you to celebrate this most dazzling festival with special offers and discounts which will truly illuminate your celebrations.

The Nature’s Co. is all set to make your Diwali truly memorable this year as it announces its ‘Diwali Dhamaka’ offering a complete pandora's box filled with a plethora of natural and luxurious beauty and wellness products to accentuate the spirit & fervour of these festivities.

Starting from the 21st of October’13 to 10th of November’13, customers can make their festive gifting experience a lot more rewarding by taking their pick from the many offers and discounts, as well as free gifts from Pipa-Bella Jewellery. Don’t restrict yourself as The Nature’s Co. provides this offer online as well.

Colorbar Cosmetics India’s leading brand of Cosmetics; that has been developed with the promise of providing its consumers world class innovative products in a wide range of colors has comeup with various gorgeous new launches that makes beauty shower on you and help you look best throughout the season. Colorbar takes care of making you look flawless and beautiful with these wonderful new launches.

Please find below some of the new launches from Colorbar :

Colorbar Fragrance Reveur INR 2000: Created to excite your imagination and fire up your senses, these exotic perfumes have been developed at the home for all the fragrances of the world - France. The pleasing scent of the fragrance reflects the individuality of the Colorbar Woman, who is independent, fearless and fun loving, while having a hint of mystery as well. The exquisite new launches of perfumes at Colorbar introduce L’amour and Reveur, two exotic fragrances signifying a state of mind, and a way of looking at life.

Colorbar Pout in a Pot  INR 550:  Indulge yourself this season with a lip color collection offering silky texture and luxurious finish. With one stroke of application these deliciously bold lip colors gives your lips a plumper look, with liquid finish.It is easy to carry around and comes in a pretty transparent jar with mirror and its own exclusive applicator. Choose from 8 lush and vibrant colors Tricky Orange, Coral Slash, Fabel Pink, Rhythmic Pink, Angel Rose, Rosa Petal, Tan Me Brown and Charming Pink.

Colorbar Shimmer Bar INR 950: The Colorbar Shimmer Bar is an award winning and a Hot favourite product for all the diva's. It has soft and supple formulation that has excellent coverage, adequate payoff and lasts for long. The non-flake formulation is suitable for all skin types. The Colorbar Shimmer Bar works well as a blusher, bronzer, eye shadow and highlighter.

The Colorbar Shimmer Bar is a soft and supple formulation that has excellent coverage, adequate payoff and lasts for long. The non-flake formulation is suitable for all skin types. The Colorbar Shimmer Bar works well as a blusher, bronzer, eye shadow and highlighter. The five baked shimmer bars come packaged in a pretty silver container and it is priced at INR 950/-. It will be available at all exclusive Colorbar stores, and leading beauty stores.

You can also shop online at www.colorbarcosmectics.com

Visit us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/colorbarcosmetics 

Disclaimer: Press note shared by brand PR.

Colorbar launches a high performance multi-tasking skin range for the modern make-up loving woman!

Colorbar, the stylish and innovative beauty brand launches a promising high performance skin care range that is sure to take you from wake-up to make-up with no fuss or frazzle. The Colorbar Skin range brings in International formulations from Italy specially created to give you beautiful and flawless skin for enhancing your make-up. Designed to create the perfect blend with make-up pre and post routine, this high performance range covers all the basic skin care needs. 
The Colorbar Skin range takes the brand into a new category, which is based on the premise that great make-up is best created on the canvas of great skin. The range presents 9 fabulous products that cover ‘Everyday skin care’, ‘Make-up Enhancers’ and ‘Solution based’ products. The range brings to focus the CTTM regime where the second ‘T’ stands for ‘Treatment.’ The products are high performance and high delivery and cater to the modern make-up loving woman who needs result-oriented products. The range has been specially designed to suit Indian skin and has all-day wear textures suitable for all skin types.


Clothes play a very important role in making you look fashionable. But if not worn correctly, becomes fashion faux pas!! I have for you 7 mistakes women make and they transform from a fashion diva to fashion disaster. These mistakes might not be a conscious move by few of us. So girls I have for you 10 pin pointed mistakes you should never make. 

Hello Beauties, 
Winter is at the doorstep. Cold soothing breeze have started blowing, telling us loud that winter is soon to come. This fall you might be busy dressing up with long coats, or fur jackets etc. But one thing you need to keep in mind and never miss out is taking care of your skin by applying body lotion. For you girls I have review of "The Nature's co. LAVENDER body lotion ". This is product of Natures Co. The company promises it to be 100% vegetarian and close to nature.

Hello Beauties, 
Sindoor…In Indian culture symbolizes marriage. It plays a very important part of shringar(make up) for a married Indian women. So ladies I have a review for Lakme Jewel Sindoor Golden red. I bought this for my mom and she loves it way too much. She never steps out the house without sindoor. Initially she used traditional sindoor which comes in powdered form and she had to dust access powder off her face when she was in a hurry. So I thought of buying Lakme Jewel sindoor for my mom. My mom asked me to review this product for you beautiful ladies as this product is the one you would love, she says. It comes in various lustrous shades which you can mix and match with different attires.

Price and Quantity:

Rs 109 
for 100gm

Shelf life: 

24 months(from packaging)

My Take on Lakme Jewel sindoor Golden red:

Talking about the packaging of the product it comes in a slim cylindrical bottle. The bottle looks luxury. The cap as you open has an applicator wand which makes it easy to apply just adequate amount of sindoor. It works similar to as applying a gloss over lips. It comes in transparent bottle which makes it easy to figure out when it’s good time to buy a new one. The bottle is cute and fits even in small wallet in case you wish to touch up for a kitty party.

It does not have any smell. As you apply it over your skin, it glides easily as it is in liquid form. It gives a beautiful reddish maroon color with golden glitter which looks gleaming and shiny. Just one small swipe and lovely color completes your makeup. 

After applying it stays for around 7 to 8 hours without any smudge. May be it is shadi or mehendi or a daily wear stuff you can use it anytime anywhere. It is made of herbal substances so it is skin friendly and can be removed easily. It does not leave any artificial synthetic pigment over your skin. It even does not cause any small pimple or rashes to produce over the skin.

The color is lovely maroon and gives WAO!! Look. I can’t even count the number of complements my mum has got for this sindoor.

What I like about this product? :
*Packaging is travel friendly
*Stays for long
*It is herbal and does not harm skin in any manner.
*Fits into pocket

What I don't like about this product? :

*Nothing as my mom LOVE IT!!

Rating: 4.5/5
Final Word: 

This product is a must try product and then you will fall in love with it. :)

“Spinster “is the word coined for a girl who is unmarried, which is the only word we have equivalent to bachelor. One thing which both the words speak is being single. Single?? Huh… This statement might just sound boring and non-happening but there are many reasons to celebrate being single.

Being single give you the luxury of best time in history to fly solo. You have the freedom to do anything you want. Today there are people who choose-to-be single, who differ from the poor-I type of people. These people are traveling, buying homes and doing whatever they want to do. They are doing the craziest, the most daring and adventurous things in their life. The freedom to do whatever you want to do in life is the best feeling which being single gives you.

I have for you five reasons to enjoy being single. Check them :-

Truest statement in the history of relationship are also the most vague statements:- "Is it the right time to propose?? Whether I should propose or not" because "when you know, you know". All of us have watched movies, have seen the romantic proposals and fantasized about them. Talking about girls their fantasy fly high, that one fine day their prince charming will come ridding on horse in shinning armour and will pop the question. But when I talk about men, they struggle with question "when and how to propose”, and, the fear of rejection runs high on their nerves. With all the fantasies and fears in a mix it becomes really difficult to calculate what is the right time?? Also with this I have two more questions: Should girls pop up the question?? Should only boys pop up the question?? 

Hello Beauties,
When I step out to explore my world full of challenges, there are few things which I never forget to carry with me in my small bag. One of those many, very important stuffs is “a LIPSTICK”. This is something which I can never forget applying as it not only completes my makeup but also makes me feel confident enough. I am sure you girls may also have your favorite product which you would never want to miss out at any occasion. Today I have a review of “COLORBAR velvet Matte Lipstick secretly pink”. Since the day I have bought this lip shade, somehow it always finds place in my bag

Hello Beauties, 
Its time for some nail care today. I know some of you must be facing problems of thin and easily breakable nails.So for you girls I have review of Sally Hansen Miracle Cure.

Hello Beauties, 
When I wash my hairs I wish them to be soft and smooth after wash but this never happens. They are frizzy and go wild when I step out of the house.The urge to make hairs cooler and softer as celebrities have, took me try Toni&Guy frizz smoothing curl shampoo.So just check out my review about the product below.

To dress up what is required?? Fashionable dress, with perfect makeup , trendy shoes. Does the list end.... No !! A perfect hair do is also required. As cold breeze is soon to wave hi, bringing lovely blazers and coats in fashion. This is time, you have to take immense care of your hairs as this breeze might be harsh on your hairs by making them dry, frizzy and easily breakable.

I have for you girls five easy magical spells which if you follow sincerely you can ditch the evilness of cold breeze this fall.

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous!! I was going through my facebook account this morning and found this quote and felt, it is just so true. To be classy you need that attitude to wear well and to be fabulous you need a lovely skin.
So girls I have a review of a moisturizer which will make your skin silky smooth and fabulous. The product is Fab India Wild rose moisturizing lotion. Moisturizer depending upon skin type is take-it or leave it product. This works wonders for dry skin but for oily skin you need to hunt for the best which not only keeps the skin hydrated but also maintains the oil balance. FabIndia has a complete range of moisturizers for different skin types. This review is about Wild rose moisturizing lotion which is good for all skin types.

"History repeats itself" :- All of us have just heard this phrase but might not have seen it. Here I am to show you these words turning true. Its 80's trend hitting this spring fashion with a bang.From everything to everything,I mean from shoes ,to dresses ,to handbags ,to clutches ,to jeans ,to absolutely anything, all are back from another decade. From red carpet ,to casual outings or business meeting, it seems  you can catch glimpse of neon cakes every where.
Want to try some?? Need Advice?? For style statements and outfits who can be the best adviser that our celebs.Have a look at Bollywood & Hollywood celebs below who wore neon and look stunning.

'Surya Namaskar' in English is known as Sun Salutation which is sequence of 12 asanas(positions of yoga). These asanas(or postures) can be practiced in varying level of awareness. To stay fit and healthy you need to practice just these 12 positions below as they provide you good cardiovascular work out.It is best when done in morning with empty stomach.
Single Surya Namaskar Round consist of two sets,one round with right leg and other with left leg.For next 10 days start your day with 12 rounds of Surya Namaskar .