Perfume or Deodorant? Quite Confusing

When I was teen I was too confused what to use perfume or deodorant. So for my dear friends I m hear to put all the confusions to rest. Bad Body odour is what makes you feel out of group of people. Even expensive or fashionable clothes cannot cover up body odour. Ok and some of us just cannot help body odour. Some people sweat more some sweat less. When you exercise you sweat a lot and that is time you should take care. Some sweat less and have strong odour and some sweat more and have less odour.

Well both deodorant and perfume fight body odour. Talking about deodorant first…What is DEODRANT?? Deodorant are substances which are made to fight body odour which is caused by growth of bacteria and break down of bacteria in armpits, and other area of body. Now what is Perfume?? Perfume is compound mixture of fragrant smell and solvent as when sprayed over body produces an intense pleasant smell.

I think above description must have cleared things to a greater extend. But elaborate it a bit more, deodorant are used over body parts which sweat and produce bad smell. Before buying a deodorant do not forget to confirm that the deodorant will leave any marks or cakey built up on your shirt or not. This is due to the presence of aluminium in the formula. There are deodorants in the market which do not have aluminium in the formula and also have nice scent smell. One point I want you guys to make a note of it is Deodorants are made to affect body odour. Now talking about perfume, they can be applied over deodorant to mask smell and produce scent. The high amount of fragrance which is extracted from flowers, herbs and oil to make perfume smell strong, pleasant and tempting.

So dear friends for long hours to fight bad odour you need deodorant but to enjoy a beautiful fragrance you should use perfume. Perfume does not last long. Some perfume have feature of producing more smell as your body sweat. If I say the fragrance mixes with your body odour smell then you must not be amazed.

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