Hair trends you must try this Season

A smart dress and perfect makeup is not all what you need to look gorgeous, a lovely hairstyle is also required.Today I have for you five hair trends which you can try with any attire.

  1. Sleek Ponytails:
    When I talk about pony tails I am referring to neatly done pony.Firstly you need to prep your hair with serum to add shine to your hairs.Now pull your hair back to tie a rubber band.Now to curd those little flyaway hairs, apply a hairspray and your pony is clean and perfect for any occasion.
  2. Mod Bangs:
    An absolutely lazy hairstyle with not much effort required to maintain it, but we just love those BANGS!! It just frames your face focusing your eyes making you look stylish.All you need is a good brush and a styling serum to make you ready. So just flaunt your fringes with blunt bangs.
  3. Twist and Braids:
    They had great moments last season but its seems they are not in mood to take a season off. Cute twist with few flicks of hairs leaving other open gives a lady like elegant look and if you add braids to it you make me turn around again and again to look at you.You can also add accessories to it or just give it a neat and clean look with pins and hair spray.
  4. Deep side parts:
    This hairstyle suits all occasions and is also known as lady combover. Specially when it is a date it makes your face look more expressive.The wider the part, bolder and talkative your eyes will look. You can try it solo or you can team up with vintage clips or fancy hair accessories and you are all set to put fire on floor.
  5. Hair ornaments:
    They have always been an integral part of various hairstyles. But to use them you do not need to take pains to make big buns or french hairstyles. You can try braided hairbands or vintage clips or retro combs or floral headpieces or cluster of star hair pins or any accessory  and team up with any hairstyle.

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