DIY Multani Mitti as face pack

Multani Mitti also known as fuller’s earth is one of the least expensive natural way to a beautiful skin. It is being used since centuries to heal tanning, blemishes and give a glowing skin. It is the best way to soothe red painful pimples without leaving any marks. Multani mitti face packs works wonders for all skin types. So beauties I have for you  a recipe of face pack which you can try out at home in just no time.

        *   Multani Mitti
           *  Tomato

About Ingredients:
*  Multani Mitti: It is popular as fuller’s earth. It has high content of magnesium chloride which plays an important role in fighting red angry acne.
Tomato: This”love apple” is a citrus fruit which is sweet juicy and healthy and stapled in every kitchen.Tomatoes are your best friend when we talk about curing skin problems like open pores,acne, rashes or nasty sunburn. When we talk about homemade beauty treatments then I just can’t ignore tomato.

         *  Take powdered form of multani mitti.
         * Take tomato and peal it to get its pulp
         *  Mix both with help of spoon.
         *  Apply it over the face.
         * Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes.
         * Now wash your face with cold water.

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