7 tips to make your skin picture perfect this winter

Monsoons are over and cold soothing breeze have knocked the doors, welcome Winters! Winters makes us fashion happy with long boots,blazers and coats, then why not make the skin breath in the fresh air and party than being dull and pasty.To keep up with dipping mercury levels I have seven tips which will help you beat the dirty deeds of dropping temperature.

  1. Do I need SPF?? Yes I do!!:
    I know you have been fighting ferocious sun rays last season from noon to night.But this is the time to keep the tempo going as you might not see the sun rays damaging your skin but UV rays will always be around. So your sunscreen should not take the season off when harmful sun rays have not taken.
  2. Drink lot of water:
    You might not feel thirsty in winters as compared to in summers but that doesn't mean your body does not require water.Drinking lot of water in winters will help your skin rejuvenate easily and glow. You can have a variety of hot soups or green teas which will help you not only hydrate you body but will help you keep warm and immunized within.
  3. Keep moisturized:
    Cold breeze this winter may be harsh to your baby soft skin which may tear it taking away all the moisture, and you just don't let that happen,All you need is just a dab of your favorite moisturizer every morning before leaving for the la la land which will keep your skin soft and moisturized.
  4. Avoid long bath:
    Bathing is necessary for personal hygiene. And this winter will make you enjoy hot water baths. But hold on you need to avoid long baths as this may take away moisture from your skin making it dry. Do not forget to apply body butter and moisturizer after bath when your skin is damp and and can absorb easily.
  5. Watch caffeine and cocktails:
    All of us are waiting for the festive season ahead and we love to dazzle up for late night parties. Do keep a check on your alcohol and caffeine intake as it may dehydrate your skin. This will also prevent you from having hangover morning ;).
  6. Something for chapped lips:
    The cold breeze will be not be soothing for your lips instead will leave them chapped and cracked. All you need to do is carry lip balm with vitamin E or your childhood favorite Vaseline all the time with you. Do not keep licking your lips as that will make things worse. Lip balms come with wonderful aroma and in various fruit flavors so buy any which suit you.
  7. Eat well:
    It is always advised to eat healthy and balanced diet.This will not only give you immunity to fight problems but will also help you get rid of dead old skin and give birth to new skin cells to keep your body look younger.Some foods like spinach, fish,leafy vegetables and vitamin C rich foods make your skin glowing.Seeds and nuts will help fighting wrinkles.

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