Saree is one of those dresses which exposes the right amount and hides the right amount. Saree also marks our identity as an Indian around the world. Every girl born and brought up in India wants to wear that 6 yards of sheer elegance, and when that elegance is hand woven then it is absolute luxury. In handloom culture every thread in a single piece of outfit is taken care off. One single piece of saree takes approx three months to get ready for use. It is not only time consuming but also involves hard work and dedication. Today I am going to take you to amazing handloom collection by designer Gautam Gupta where in every piece he has put in dedication with exact amount of elegance.

How many of like nail art?? I guess many of you girls. When I say How many of you know how to do a nail art? I can see few of you pretty ladies nodding your head. I too love nail art but I am not good at doing it. When I was shopping from then I came across nail paints which are easy nail art as well by Models Own brand. I have talked about the brand and luxola haul here. Its a pretty purple nail paint which you can apply over your nails as base and then over the nail you can apply transparent coat of nail paint which has colorful dots makes it a quick and easy nail art. The nail paint stays on nails for a week time and dries quickly. Take a look at the pictures below which I applied on my sister's nails.

There are no bad cigars only better ones.... Cigars have been symbol of luxury since years and enjoying a cigar is that one thing which you always want to do at-least once in your life. Its well said" "A man never forgets its first love and first cigar." Today I will be talking about cigar conexion, single malt paired with premium range of cigars. 

Fashion is in our blood and yes its pressure changes with changing trends. Sometimes it is HOT RED some times its cool blue. So, today I am here to talk about the upcoming fashion trends for spring 2015. I know its little early but we want you to be updated with all what is latest. Take a look below for the details:

I LOVE FOOD! I LOVE FOOD! I LOVE FOOD! I LOVE FOOD! and this I can go on saying infinite times. When I am happy I LOVE  FOOD! When I am sad FOOD MAKES ME LOVE FOOD SO MUCH MORE!! I know I am crazy for food and this crazy craving took me to THE POP UP restaurant. The restaurant has recently open up in Asiad village. Because I am new to the city- Delhi so don't know much about asiad village's history to talk about but yes it has been in news always( for all good reasons...that is what I have heard people talking...shhh.... :P) So I met few of my dearest friends with whom I enjoy having all kinds of meals at this newly opened restaurant named "THE POP-UP".
A good fragrance makes my day.... How many of you agree? I guess many...  I agree with the fact that perfume is not only a mark of female identity but also final touch to her style. So to add that final touch to your femininity I am here today to talk about essentials for her range from All Good Scents perfumes. We have talked about there premium range for women here.

1.Almond oil for skin

Almond oil is considered good for skin. This makes your skin beautiful, soft and supple. This will remove marks of pimples and will help in keeping your skin younger for longer time. If used daily then it makes your skin fairer and shows up the real color of the skin. It can be used to cure body rashes and lighten dark circles