"Style is a way to say who you are without saying it."

Dressing up and getting ready for office is not just wearing a good dress and steeping out. It is lot more than that. Today's look is about how to dress work smart. What if, you have couple of meetings lined up and then dinner with the client? We are here to your rescue! Before we dig deep into the look let's talk about my shoes first. "A man is known by his shoes..." this works the same for women too. So, I have my new white colored wedges from CLARKS to make a better impression. I was just going through clarks website and checking their collection and I found these wedges. Before getting the pair I was secretly praying that this pair doesn't get sold out before I get it. Do you like my pair of wedges??

Cucumber Punch


  1. Ice(2 trays)
  2. Lemon Soda
  3. 12 ounce frozen Limeade/ Lemon juice
  4. Cucumber Thin sliced

  1. Take ice in a bowl.
  2. Add soda  and Limeade to the bowl.
  3. All the sliced cucumbers 
  4. Stir together until the limeade melts.
  5. Allow the mixture to sit for an hour in fridge for stronger cucumber flavor and then serve.

You can use regular soda or diet soda. You can use fresh Lime wedges for garnishing.

Image Source: Pinterest

"Chocolate is a Delicious cure for a bad day" 
I love chocolate since I was a kid. My love for chocolate resulted in early fall of my milk teeth as at that time chocolates were for taste not for health. I am sure you also love chocolate. If I say chocolate with nutritional value and good taste then I am not joking! Today I will be talking about Nutritional bars from Ritebite which has goodness of ashwagandha, tulsi, awla etc on one hand and IT'S CHOCOLATE on the other.
"Happiness is FRESH MANGO PULP with ICE"

I am a mango lover, mango fan since I don't know when.... may be the day I was in my mother's womb. I love mango to core of my heart and when I came to know about the Mango Festival, I could not stop myself. As, it is summers and lots and lots of Mangoes everywhere but still the hunger for mango remains the same. My hunger for more MANGO took me to "Khandani Rajdhani" in DLF Place,Saket, Delhi. Just check what I had.... MY GRAND MANGO THALI!!

I have always wanted to apply mark Jacobs on my nails. The brand is hard to find in India so a friend of mine got it for me from USA. I simply love the color so much. It has black base with bottle green color shimmer. Looks so chick and young. This nail-paint got me so many complements not only from girls but boys as well. They said it made my hands look prettier. Well I don't know how much pretty my hand are but I guess the pictures will talk the rest. Take a look at them below!

What is fashion? People say fashion is comfort. But for me fashion is lot more than just comfort. Fashion is trying new things, fashion is thinking out of the box, fashion is starting a new trend for others to follow. Mobile phones have given wings to people who believe in being a trend setter. People who are fashion conscious have an erg in them to look different and classy. Mobile is new fashion commodity which was invented to shorten distances between people but now mobiles are lot more than just a calling device like you can play games and DO SHOPPING! Shopping is lot more fun using a mobile application as you get huge variety of a single product type where you can team up things and find the right dress or product for you. From dresses to accessories, shoes to hair pin,television to woofers you can buy anything using a mobile application anytime and anyplace.

Bonhomie is a women wear label which caters to a vast age group ranging from 14 years to 30 years. A Bonhomie woman can be described as an urban woman who is up to date with the latest fashion trends and likes to dress up trendily yet she wants to be comfortable in her clothes. At Bonhomie the outfits are designed keeping in mind the motto - stylish, comfortable and extremely wearable. The crisp cuts, subtle embellishments and contemporary designs with a fusion of Indian and western sensibilities without any compromise on the quality of the fabric is the hallmark of this label. We welcome you to experience the "mojo" yourself ! The USP of Bonhomie is its ability to marry European fashion with Indian sensibilities with pocket friendly prices delivered right to your doorstep.