Lifestyle is changing every day and so are our eating habits. Today, we prefer pizzas over roti sabzi, refined oil over ghee, burgers over fruits but with this changing lifestyle, we fail to understand the need of exercising. We somehow manage to find time to follow our favourite TV series but we find it very hard to take out 30 minutes of cardio. But thanks to technology, we can monitor our health every day so that we can take appropriate precautions. Omron is one such example of technology innovation which helps us keep a regular check on blood pressure and pulse.

Since I was a child I have been following "dadi maaa ke nuskhe". Regularly oiling and applying natural hair mask to make my hair shinier and stronger was a part of my daily hair care regime. But today with changing lifestyle I don't have so much time to invest every day. My hectic schedule is taking a toll on my hair care routine. Now I am experiencing hair fall, dry and dull hair.  Then GK hair professional invited me to educate about keratin treatment. Since I have already heard great results of the treatment, this time I was super excited to get treatment on my hair.
As per a recently conducted survey by registrar general of India which indicates that in the last few years, the most common risk factor for Coronary Heart Diseases is Hypertension. The prevalence of risk factors in 100 Men suffering from Cardiac Diseases is 25.9%; whereas 24.8% women out of 100 also find Hypertension as one of the causes. The second most common risk factor is smoking which is at 22.8% among Men. Increased stress levels leads to Hypertension; each stressful situation faced by an individual makes them physiologically older than their chronological age. This leads to a greater risk of getting Coronary Heart Diseases at a younger age. How should you change your lifestyle if you are suffering from heart disease? Read the following points below:

We always get to hear that a healthy heart and mind is the key to a heathy life. Our heart is not just a pumping organ it plays a huge role on our overall well-being. But, amidst all the crazy work life and stress we usually miss the sounds of our heart. Only today, I got to know that matters of the heart are a great concern in India. People my age are falling prey to this illness. World Health Organization announced that incidences of heart disease has increased by 32%, in less than 40 years age between 2010-2015, and that 2.6 million Indians will be afflicted with heart ailments by 2020. While we are all trying to win in this crazy life and trying to build our future, we should not forget the present and work towards a healthy life with a healthy heart. So with this post, I share with you small steps which you can follow to keep your heart healthy.

Are you a foodie? Of course you are! We love food and want to explore more options in food to satisfy our taste buds. This hunger took me to Noida Bar Exchange. When you go to the mall with friends for fine dine yet a youthful place where you can chill you might not find it in game zone. But Noida bar exchange is like "a secret hideout" in Samaash. You have food and drinks over meaningful and meaningless conversation with friends. This restaurant is inspired by the concept of "stock exchange" and converted it to "bar exchange". The prices of beverages changes with increase and decrease in demand. They also have screens which display the rates of the beverages which start from lowest Rs40/- and then goes up according to the demand. 

Mud is one of the five elements of nature which has an immense impact on the body in normal health as well as during can be used as a therapeutic agent in naturopathy treatment because of the following reason.
•    Black colour of the soil obsorbs all the clours of the sun.
•    Mud retains moisture for a long time and has a cooling effect on the body.
•    The shape and the consistancy of mud can be changes easily by adding water.
•    It is inexpensive and easily available.

Definition of the budget might be different for different people but today I am here to share five brands which target the masses in India. They have handbags, clutches, wallets and sling bag for price range INR1000-INR3000/- With the changing trends in market and zeal to induce "fashion serum" in every individual, brands have come with their budget segment. And this season following five brands has topped our list to attract fashion diva in you by providing designer collection at an affordable price.